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Sunday School

Bible Study


To teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Strengthen individuals and families by encouraging them to study the scriptures and obey the commandments. Promote the overall mission, priorities and programs of the church. Provide an outlet for discipleship and evangelism.

Reasons to attend Sunday School

Sunday School teaches the Bible, the message of God Almighty.
Sunday School prepares one better to face the problems of life.
Sunday School will give the student the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Sunday School helps build character.
Sunday School presents opportunities to share Christian experiences.
Sunday School shows the student how he can be of service in this sinful world.
Sunday School brings together those with whom you can form true friendships.
Sunday School gives the opportunity to bring others under the message of the Gospel.
Sunday School teaches songs of real beauty, comfort, and praise.

Sunday School Director-Mark Schuurman
Sunday School Secretary-Danny Tolar
Assistant Secretary—Sharon Steele

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