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"Honoring Christ as You Wait for Your Next Pastor" Part 4

Please click on the link below for the Morning Worship Service May 22, 2022

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Join us at 11:00 AM each Sunday as Newbridge will stream the morning service live on our Facebook Page!

May Newsletter

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Weekly Bulletin & Prayer List

Sunday May 22nd: "Honoring Christ as You Wait for Your Next Pastor" Part 4

Rev. Perry Brindley

2022 Deacon Board

Scott Gardner: Chairman
#Brian Grindstaff: Vice Chairman
Keith Kiser: Secretary

#Jeff Angel
Ed Bryson
Mike Edwards
Kenny Frick
Donald Hensley
*Mike Penland
Guarry Rogers
Matthew Wechtel
Mike Ward

* Deacon of the Month
# Other Deacons on Duty

Newbridge Craft Fair


Invites you to participate in our HAND CRAFTED FAIR, SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2022.
The Fair will be from 9:00am to 4:00pm with setup on Friday the 7th from noon until 7:00pm.

For more information and to participate, download the pdf file below. Participants must submit the application and fees by October 1st.

Church Office Closed

Monday May 30th

Baptist Men Meeting

4th Wednesday of each month
6:30 PM


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