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Nursery Ministry

Welcome to our exciting and energy filled corner of Newbridge! We have a terrific facility with two infant toddler rooms, a preschool learning and craft room, a preschool activity center room and an outside preschool play yard. Come and visit our area to observe all the ways we love and care for our children as they learn about Christ's love.

Sunday mornings we operate all four rooms with a nursery care coordinator on duty during worship hour. The infants have a quiet room for sleeping and feeding, as well as an activity room with many age appropriate toys. The preschoolers have a story time, snack time, and activity time.

Wednesday evenings we can be found in the nursery rooms. We follow the Son Seekers curriculum with our preschoolers.

Sunday evening is a playful experience in the nursery area.

Nursery Care Coordinators:
Kathy Griffee
Jennifer Ward
Laura Hunter
Kim Chandler
Kelli Wechtel
Angie Brock

"Son" Drops

Every Wednesday night the Son Drops meet in the nursery and learn about the Lord. We go over basic principles like, "God made everything," and "God loves ME!" Children under 3 can touch soft stuffed toys and look at colorful picture boards to help us learn these Biblical concepts. We even have a snack! While older children are in their "Son" Worship classes and the adults are in big church, we are having a blast, praising the Lord! Come join us! We meet from 6:15-7:30 every Wednesday night. The only exceptions are when school is out. On those days, we won't meet.


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