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Childrens Ministry

Sunday Mornings: Children’s Church -- Kindergarten through 4th grade

Our purpose is to provide a lesson time that is focused at a child’s level so they can learn and grow in Christ. We use lessons, games, crafts, videos, story books and props to bring God’s word to life and to illustrate the Bible point.

Wednesday nights: Newbridge Son Seekers -- Nursery through 6th grade

Our purpose is to teach our children to seek to understand God’s Word and promises; to seek a personal relationship with him and to seek out ways to spread God’s word and love to others.

We focus on teaching the children the basic biblical truths on which they can build a firm foundation for their faith. We encourage them to apply these teachings and promises to their daily lives as they seek to be with God and to build their relationship with him. Finally we provide Missions opportunities for the children to help and minister to others and to show God’s love for them through their efforts to help and assist them.

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